Survey Hub

Materials to help you develop your own survey and information on the analysis of survey data.

Survey Hub

The Survey Hub provides lots of useful material for you to use when developing your own survey and understanding your survey results.

It also contains information on various research projects that utilise data from the National Care Experience Programme, including publications, conference posters and presentations.

Survey development roadmap

The survey development roadmap contains the key steps involved in creating and implementing your own survey. Please follow the links within the steps to visit the relevant material that will support you in your work.


Decide the aims and objectives of your survey

Survey design module


Choose your data collection method and decide on participant selection

Survey administration module


Select your survey questions and design your questionnaire

Questionnaire design module


Ensure appropriate management of participant data and information governance

Information governance for your survey


Obtain ethical approval to conduct your survey, if applicable


Communicate with all key stakeholders


Launch your survey


Collate survey returns and analyse responses

Survey data module


Document and communicate survey findings

Analysing and presenting survey findings


Use findings to inform quality improvements