Resources and guidance for hospitals

The engagement of patients and hospital staff is vital to ensure the success of the National Inpatient Experience Survey. On this page you can download guides, information and promotional material.

Managing the contact dataset

The National Inpatient Experience Process Guide outlines how hospitals can extract and securely upload the contact datasets to the survey provider. The guide focuses on the various processes involved in the management of the contact dataset across each of the participating hospitals. This document also provides guidance on data quality and the management of opt-out requests.

Promoting the survey

Material for display should be printed out in colour and laminated.

FAQs for hospital staff

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What is the National Inpatient Experience Survey?

The National Inpatient Experience Survey is a nationwide survey asking patients about their recent experience in hospital. The survey is a partnership between the Department of Health, the Health Service Executive (HSE) and the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA).

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Who will be asked to complete the National Inpatient Experience Survey?

All patients aged 16 and over, discharged in May, who spend 24 hours or more in a public acute hospital and have a postal address in the Republic of Ireland will be asked to complete the survey. Day cases, maternity, psychiatric, paediatric and other specialist services are not included on this occasion.

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What are the benefits of the National Inpatient Experience Survey for me and my hospital?

Research consistently shows that patient experience surveys help to identify best practice and areas for improvement. Studies have shown that improvements to patient experience bring about higher staff satisfaction and better patient safety and wellbeing.

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What is the role of hospital staff in the National Inpatient Experience Survey?

Hospital staff can play a key role in creating awareness of the survey and encouraging patients to participate, the more people that take part, the more confident we can be that the results depict the full range of patient experiences. Patients may have questions about the survey, and we would appreciate it if you could support patients, where possible. Of course, you may not have answers to all questions. In this case, please refer patients to the National Inpatient Experience Survey promotional material, website, Freephone number or email address. These details are listed below and are provided on all promotional material. A member of staff in your hospital has been appointed as the key contact for the National Inpatient Experience Survey and will provide you and your colleagues with information about how the survey will be promoted in your hospital.

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What if a patient wants more information or doesn’t want to take part?

If a patient asks for more information, please refer them to the Freephone number 1800 314 093 or the National Inpatient Experience Survey website: If a patient tells you that they do not want to take part, please contact the key contact person in your hospital who will process the opt-out request.

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Where can I find out more about the National Inpatient Experience Survey?

For further information on the survey visit or email