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Improving patient mealtimes experience

Response to survey findings in 2018

In response to the results of the 2018 National Patient Experience Survey, St James’s Hospital aimed to improve patient mealtime experience. This included conducting patient satisfaction surveys.

In addition, the catering and clinical nutrition departments worked together with the patient representative group to create a new menu to meet nutritional standards and adapt to dietary restrictions and therapeutic diets. It is also able to provide patients with better information, such as allergen notices and therapeutic diet guidance. In addition to the new menu, St James’s Hospital improved mealtimes so that patients can receive their main meal in the evening, and offered replacement meals to those who missed a meal.

This led to a greater range of options, improved menu information to assist patients in selecting suitable food choices, and improved meal times with fewer interruptions, all of which lead to an improved mealtime experience for patients.

St James’s Hospital – Improving Patient Mealtime Experience (PDF)

St James’s Hospital survey results 2018 (PDF)