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Survey model and methodology

The National Inpatient Experience Survey Questionnaire

The 2024 National Inpatient Experience Survey includes a total of 52 questions. 49 of these are structured, tick-box questions and three are open-ended (free-flow) questions. The survey covers many topics such as admission to hospital, care and treatment on the ward, trust in hospital staff, respect and dignity and discharge from hospital.

Survey questionnaire 2024 (Gaeilge, PDF)

Survey questionnaire 2024 (PDF)

The National Inpatient Experience Survey questionnaire is reviewed annually to ensure that the questions capture the relevant experiences of hospital care.

Questionnaire development

The steps undertaken to develop the 2024 National Inpatient Experience Survey questionnaire included:

  1. An international review was carried out to ensure that the survey remains in line with current healthcare system needs and international best practice.
    – You can read our most recent international review here, which was conducted in 2023.
  2. Focus groups gathered insights and perspectives from stakeholders to identify important question areas.
  3. Picker Institute Europe checked the measurement and analytic quality of the questions.
  4. Cognitive interviews were conducted with a sample of patients to identify and correct any problems with the questionnaire.

Technical reports

After every survey, the team publishes a technical report which provides a comprehensive description of the model and methodology of the National Inpatient Experience Survey. These technical reports are designed to provide sufficient detail to allow for repetition, replication and review.

You can view our technical report for 2022 here.

If you require technical reports or questionnaires from 2017 – 2023 please email us at