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Survey model and methodology

The 2022 National Inpatient Experience Survey reflects the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on inpatient care. It includes 67 structured, tick-box questions and three open-ended (free-flow) questions. The survey covers many topics such as admission to hospital, care and treatment on the ward, trust in hospital staff, respect and dignity, care during the pandemic and discharge from hospital.

Survey questionnaire 2022 (PDF)

Survey questionnaire 2021 (PDF)

Survey questionnaire 2019 (PDF)

2019 changes (PDF)

Survey data dictionary (PDF)

Survey questionnaire 2018 (PDF)

Survey questionnaire 2017 (PDF)

Questionnaire development

The questions in the National Inpatient Experience Survey originate from a library of questions developed by the Picker Institute Europe, an international leader in the measurement of patient experience. Over 100 people, including patients and patient representatives, clinicians, policymakers, data analysts and academics, were involved in selecting the questions most relevant to the Irish healthcare context.

  1. An international review identified that many other countries use pre-validated questions from the Picker Institute Europe.
  2. Patient and data focus groups identified the most important question areas.
  3. A Delphi Study identified 60 priority questions.
  4. Picker Institute Europe checked the measurement and analytic quality of the questions.
  5. Ten cognitive interviews took place with patients to correct any problems with the first National Patient Experience Survey questionnaire in 2017.
  6. In 2018, eight cognitive interviews and four focus groups took place to test the survey, which resulted in some changes.
  7. In 2021, following a review of international surveys, four cognitive interviews and expert review by Picker Institute Europe, a new section on ‘Care during the pandemic’ was added to the questionnaire.
  8. The survey is reviewed annually.

Technical reports

After every survey, the team publishes a technical report which provides a comprehensive description of the model and methodology of the National Inpatient Experience Survey. Our technical reports are designed to provide sufficient detail for repetition, replication and review.

Technical report 2022 (PDF)

Technical report 2021 (PDF)

Technical report 2019 (PDF)

Technical report 2018 (PDF)

Technical report 2017 (PDF)

Review of processes

Every year, we review how we have engaged with our partners in implementing the National Inpatient Experience Survey. We conduct a survey with hospital staff and use this feedback to improve our processes.

Review of processes 2019