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Survey Model and Methodology

The National Maternity Bereavement Experience Survey contains 99 questions on topics such as communication, labour and birth, postnatal care, bereavement care, discharge and follow-up care. A number of free-text questions provide women and their partners with the opportunity to provide additional information and feedback on their personal experiences in hospital.

National Maternity Bereavement Survey questionnaire

Questionnaire development

The steps undertaken in 2021 to develop the National Maternity Bereavement Experience Survey questionnaire were:

  1. An international review of bereaved parents’ experience surveys identified international best practice with regard to the models and methodologies employed to deliver a National Maternity Bereavement Experience Survey.
  2. Focus groups involving bereaved parents, healthcare professionals, support organisations, representatives of special interest groups, inspectors and policy-makers identified the most important question areas to include in the survey.
  3. A gap analysis identified questions which are relevant to the Irish context of care following a pregnancy loss.
  4. A list of questions were assembled from the previous steps, of which a Delphi study identified the priority questions.
  5. A further review was undertaken by experts, for example, the Department of Health, HIQA, HSE and the National Maternity Bereavement Experience Survey Programme Board to further prioritise questions in the survey.
  6. Cognitive interviews with bereaved parents who have used health and social care services were undertaken to assess the clarity and appropriateness of the proposed National Maternity Bereavement Experience Survey questionnaire.
  7. Following approval by the National Maternity Bereavement Experience Survey Programme Board, the survey questionnaire will be finalised and dates agreed to commence the survey in 2022.